Artist Statement

20_Brusick_Ars Moriendi_ 2001.jpg

Storytelling is in my blood. I come by it honestly, the youngest of three daughters in an intelligent, loquacious family that loved to converse and argue at the supper table. To take part and be heard, I often exaggerated the details of the day’s adventures. By middle school, my skeptical sisters dubbed me “Fabricatora Superba” for my habit of stretching the truth. I still find it difficult to simply report the facts. The recounting of events, especially those long past, provides infinite possibilities for interpretation and embellishment. What if? Why not? Along with an overactive imagination, I had a talent for drawing. At six years of age I announced that I wanted to be an artist and embarked on a career that assured me of a voice in a conversation that would extend far beyond the dinner table.

My classical art training and love of photography are evident in the crisp details and subtle values of my drawings and paintings. The unusual subject matter is often perceived as surreal, but I believe it to be more lyrical. It springs from a curatorial process involving the arrangement of disparate images into realistic compositions that encourage contemplation of important themes. My curious and highly personal characters are often misunderstood or underestimated, but to those who observe carefully, they have stories to tell.